Ram Chatlani.

I was born in 1958 and was educated in England. I currently run Tourné as a retreat centre and bed and breakfast with my wife Paula and our nine year old son Jiva.

In the 1980’s I practiced as a criminal defence lawyer, appearing in several high profile public order cases arising out of the social unrest of the Thatcher years. During my time in the English legal system I gained insight political and legal polarity arising out of the miners strikes and the violent unrest in city centres.

After ten years as a barrister, I took up an offer to work as a professional storyteller, working in schools, giving trainings to teachers in accordance with the emerging national curriculum, performing in theatres and touring. I was also a support drummer and musician during that time.

My own experiment in artistry had already begun while still at the bar, designing and hand making mandala painted board games. This eventually grew into a collective of artists and craftsmen and I was eventually made a member of the Sussex guild.

During the 1990’s, while making and painting hundreds of mandala designs on wooden board games, I began to devise and offer workshops and retreats. Since about 1996 I have regularly led retreats in different disciplines-Taoist, Buddhist meditation traditions as well as having devised and led high impact retreats and remotely supervised study courses in both /french and English in the Toltec tradition.

I moved to France in 2003 and was invited to teach meditation and chi gung at the Zen dojo in Lyon, which I did for over 6 years. During that time I ran a series of retreats and workshops including weekly course work for participants called the 100 Days.

To date, I continue to offer retreats both publicly and privately, based on the importance of the natural world, on relaxing as a means to open to inspiration and maintaining a healthy body and mind. I have worked increasingly regularly with people actively engaged in different areas of business, mainly sharing methods of restoring energy and receptivity as an essential foundation for success.

Receptivity has made collaboration with Ben even more meaningful. I’m recognising the signs that our proposal will be very useful to people who feel they are ready to allow the creative force rather than mass influence and habit to guide them.