Artists tend to prefer images to text. Nevertheless, here are some ideas that may be woven into the fabric of the workshop. Rather than acquiring anything, we work to remove obstacles to creativity, eventually translating into art.




In this context "release" is emphasised over grasping. When the artist lets go of real or imagined demands, creativity flows naturally. Exercise and activity, mostly in nature with an occasional formal session in the dojo will introduce formal and informal techniques.

Breath and life force, life force and creativity are inseparable. Breathing exercises will intensify the sense of being alive, help you regenerate and relax your body and mind.


At the heart of the proposal of ARTISTRY EVOLVES is the artist as the medium. During the course of our workshop, you'll get many chances to see what this means for you, how it can support your creative process, open you to the possibility of limitless expression beyond thoughts or ideas. 

Being away from home: this is how we become more open to the creative force. You dan't have to leave home to create. Leaving home is, metaphorically speaking, what happens when artistry works.





  • Relaxing into the dual role of artist and householder.  During our workshop, we will explore with and without any formal context. Our proposals are not for 'understanding'-although they might be understood. We are more concerned that you enjoy your experience and see how the joy leads to ease and how ease leads to fluid expression.
  • Life force and creativity-the usefulness of moving the body.
  • We have all the resources we need. Imagine that! We are convinced. We don't propose to convince you, we aspire to help you recognise in your own time-you have all the resources you need
  • Artistry Evolves is a title. We might also call it the way to independence, freedom of expression.  It can bring surprising results. 



Rather than duplicating information that is already available, have a look here for an idea of the quality of the food you will eat at Tourné. The page is for tourists-you wont have to book any meals but you can request a special diet if you have allergies. 

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