The joys of artistry in troubled times.


Ben Taylor & Ram Chatlani

Tourné, France.

26 May - 02 June 2018


A seven day dynamic interactive and supported art retreat in the raw natural energy of the French Pyrenees.

An immersion into artistry, a journey to the heart of your creative force.

SANCTUARY OF FIRE - Ben Taylor/a.k.a. Mometo


Why take part in Artistry Evolves?


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  • Gain new insights into your artistic expression. 
  • Evolve your art and your being through an ongoing encounter with nature.
  • Move your physical body to release limitations on your creativity. 
  • Experience new techniques, release artistic limitations.
  • Gain confidence in your capacity to constantly experience, express and explore art and artistry in daily life.
  • Share a unique encounter in the forested mountainous environment of our venue, Tourné,  in the foothills of the French Pyrenees.


we will work together here...


 "Attuning to the aliveness of outstanding natural beauty allows the creative to come in from the greatest source. Recognising this to be nothing other than the natural process brings great joy, simplicity and  evolves amazing art."

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  • Approach a new perspectives on your definition as an artist, a creator, a being.
  •   Address and release creative fears and nurture creative courage. 
  • Transcend the perceived limitations of your skill.
  • Awaken as an artist beyond definition or fear.

"Artistry as a way of life is more than a choice, it is a transformation. It is preparedness to begin that journey that invites you to this encounter. "

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How will it be done?




  • Through  dynamic interaction of participants, facilitators and the natural world. 
  • By moving stagnant energy in the body using movement and sound.




  • Through individual and collective artistic expressions.


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  • By exploring traditional materials and techniques, such as oils, acrylics and pastels pastels.
  • By using exceptional art techniques, such as land based art, dance, song, rock painting, smoke and mirrors.


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  • By not excluding spontaneity or emerging co-creation.
  • Through the dynamic of participation.
  • Being deeply relaxed, rested and nurtured by the environment, the excellent food and all round discreet support, your body will smile. 


  • By relying on action rather than on theory. 




"After movement and activity, the still-point, the silent source emerges. Your experience determines how it expresses."





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